A Few Teasers...

First, I'm feeling so much better now, thank the good Lord! :) I figured since I have family in this week and won't have time for a full post until around Tuesday or Wednesday, that I would give you guys a little teaser to hold you over!

This is from Jenna & Ian's wedding that I shot with Lauren Wright here in Columbus. I LOVED the colors she chose.

And this is from Jodi & Geoffrey's wedding that I shot with Jessica Messer in Tuscaloosa. They were such a sweet couple.


I feel like Mr. Yuck...

This sticker brings back so many memories for me. I remember my Mom sticking him on everything from bleach to 409, you name it. He was a symbol of "Don't touch this Lisette - it's yucky!"

Well yucky is exactly how I feel. :( I have been sick the past three days, and well, it's not been fun! I haven't been sick like this since my junior year in college (2004) when I couldn't make it through Statistics class without leaving to go to the student health center. I rarely get sick. I mean I have little colds every now and then, but I am one of those people who washes her hands constantly (okay....excessively) to keep from it. So I'm not sure what happened. But I've been rolled up on the couch watching chick flicks, downing medicine, and having my awesome husband take care of me. I don't know what I'd do without him!

I have family in to visit all this week, and I hope that I don't pass my "yuckiness" onto them. I may be a little slow on blogging this week while they're here, but I will let you know that I have 3 more weddings to post and an engagement session coming up. I'm super excited about it! Even through being sick, I've got to stay positive. :)


Phillip & Autumn: Married

Autumn and Phillip were married at the Lookout Mountain Fairyland Club a few weeks ago in one of the most beautiful ceremonies I've ever seen. It truly was a fairy-tale wedding. This was also my first military wedding, so it really meant a lot to me to be able to photograph it. Phillip commissioned into the Army when he graduated from West Point this year and I was so glad he decided to wear his uniform! We'll let his choice of military schools slide....my husband is a VMI grad. :) Autumn looked absolutely beautiful the entire day. You would never have known how hot & humid it was by looking at her. She was stunning! A huge thanks to Melody Hood of Innamorata Photography for asking me to second shoot with her! It was well worth the drive to Chattanooga! :)

The guys...

The girls...

I loved this shot of Autumn & her father.

The grooms cake was so unique. It was made of Reese's peanut butter cups and little army men dipped in chocolate!



I LOVE meeting other photographers! It's so great getting to know others who share the same passion and love for photography as you do. I was fortunate enough to meet some amazing individuals at an OSP get-together in Atlanta a few months ago. We all got together for lunch and bridal type sessions with a few models. It was more like the paparazzi on those girls! Everyone's style is so unique and it was great seeing different takes on the same shoot. Here's our group shot from the day:

Top row: Mark Turner , Mike Tucker, Chris Lewis , Raul (Studio 519)
Bottom row: Kelly (True Expression), Megan Dougherty, Amanda Suanne, me, Jessica Rhines.

It was wonderful meeting you all! I can't wait to get together again!


Traffic & Business Cards

I just loooooove....Atlanta traffic!!!! Oh yeah.....

Today I drove up to Snellville, GA (just north of Atlanta) to shoot a wedding with Ryan Gibson of LightScape Photography. It was an early ceremony that started at 12pm and the reception was over at 5pm. So I load up my gear and my GPS (her name is Eulene!) tells me that I'll arrive home at 7:15pm. Wrong Eulene...you were wrong. I pulled in the garage at 8:45pm. That's right y'all, I sat in stop and go Atlanta traffic for an hour and a half. Bummer! However on a positive note (I promise I'm not crazy and I can't believe I'm going to type this....) I gave away a business card in that traffic. Oh yes, always advertising! Here's how: I'm stuck in this traffic and I look over to the car next to me and I see a beautiful girl driving and I see a gorgeous engagement ring. I thought to myself... "I should give her my business card!" Well I end up passing her and she's a little ways behind me. Once she caught back up to me I rolled down my window and waved until she noticed me and then motioned for her to roll down her window. She had to think I was crazy, but heck I look friendly and not like some freak (or at least I hope!). Anyways, conversation goes like this:

Me: "Are you engaged??"
Her: "Yes......."
Me: "Do you have a wedding photographer yet?"
Her: laughing! "No."

....and then I told her that I was a wedding photographer and that I saw her beautiful ring and wanted to give her my card. So she pulls as close to me as she can and then I crawl across my car to give it to her. Meanwhile we are still in traffic mind you. I mean I just couldn't let sitting in Atlanta traffic go to waste!

Sooooo if you are the bride-to-be from the interstate and you are reading this....I'd love to shoot your wedding! :)

**By the way guys, I have a new blog design that I'm super excited about. Be on the lookout because I'll be going live with it soon!**


Jennifer & Eric: Married

Jennifer and Eric were married in a beautiful lake side ceremony at Stone Mountain Park in Georgia. Jennifer was one of the most beautiful brides I have ever photographed. The love she and Eric share was clearly evident and they were so incredibly sweet together. In fact, these two have been dating since middle school! Their families were very welcoming and so close among each other. The reception was a celebration until 1 am with dancing and laughter. A mariachi band started off the dancing and then Alicia of Alicia y Rumba Brava kept the party going. And let me tell you....they could all dance...everyone. I was in awe while taking pictures on the dance floor! Now me on the other hand...I have two left feet. :)

Jennifer's Jasmine wedding gown.

After the ceremony a ladybug landed on Eric's tuxedo. Jennifer tried to make it fly away and then it landed on her. This was her reaction when someone told her that ladybugs bring good luck. :)

An absolutely stunning bride!

I loved this unique bouquet.

The first dance.

Mariachi band

These kids were too cute!

And some of the amazing dancing. I'm sure the videographer got some great footage!

Thanks to Amanda Suanne for asking me to second shoot! We tried to dance and one the bridesmaids took pictures with my camera. It's okay to laugh! :)

Jennifer & Eric chose amazing vendors. I highly recommend them!
Videography: Keith Nicolosi for Apollo Productions
Music: Alicia y Rumba Brava Latin Band 678.467.6223
Flowers: Chuck Milne Designs 404.932.5405
Reception: Evergreen Marriott Conference Center

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