My New Website!!!

After working on my site for what feels like forever, I have finally finished! So go check it out! Don't forget to bookmark it and send it to all of your friends and family. Pretty please! :) Click here--->Lisette Price Photography

I'm off to second shoot a fabulous bridal session with the talented Jessica Messer in Birmingham. Also, my brother Aaron and his girlfriend Megan are coming down to visit. Be prepared to see lots of pictures. This is going to be a great weekend! Pray for safe travels for all!


Change of Command

My husband Tim and his friend Brandon have recently taken command over two separate basic training companies here at Fort Benning. When this occurs there is a formal ceremony representing the leaving of the old commander and the incoming of the new one. Brandon and his wife Kara asked me to tag along and photograph Brandon's ceremony so of course I said yes. Tim's ceremony was a few weeks later and you know I was there camera in hand as well as taking care of the reception that followed. The ceremonies were the same as per military standards, but as you can tell Brandon's took place on a bright sunny day and Tim's on a dreary rainy day. They both made for some great pictures though! Here are a few of my faves:

Brandon's Change of Command

Kara, Joseph, and Brandon

Tim's Change of Command

These next two are my absolute favorites!

Tim and I


Lisette Model (1901-1983)

"The camera is an instrument of detection. We photograph not only what we know, but also what we don’t know" - Lisette Model

While doing a google search for myself (I was trying to see if it would pull up my website - and it does!) I stumbled across a photographer who shares my name. I found it quite interesting so I did some research. Lisette Model was an amazing photographer whose work has been published in P.M. Magazine, Look, The Ladies Home Journal, Vogue, The Saturday Evening Post, Popular Photography, Modern Photography, U. S. Camera, Cosmopolitan to name a few. Her work really inspires me. I love her candid approach to "street photography" and how she found beauty among what others may not consider beautiful. I found it odd that she died in 1983 - the same year that I was born. God keeps showing me that photography is what I am supposed to be doing and for that I'm so thankful! To see a biography of Lisette Model look here and here.

A few of my favorites:


Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope that you get to spend this holiday with the one you love. :) And if there's no one special then treat yourself to something you love to do or buy something you've been wanting for a while. I give you permission! I'm so thankful for this Valentine's Day because last year Tim was in Iraq. I was lucky enough to get a call from him that day and a dozen roses delivered to me that evening. You can all say "awwww!" now. :) It may not seem like much to the average girl, but in that situation it meant a lot. I really did not expect anything, I just wanted him home safely and not thinking of me while he was on missions. But he did anyway! So here's to my valentine - I love you darlin'!



I love fresh flowers. Here's a few shots of ones that are on my kitchen table right now. Of course I took them outside for the first two shots with the pretty blue sky. I love being back on the East coast because it's not cloudy all the time like in Washington!


The Other Side of the Lens

I've been in need of some new pictures of me for my "About Me" section on my website (almost ready!). So yesterday Tim and I finally had some time to squeeze a few shots in about an hour before sunset. I configured the camera settings and then had Tim snap away. Then of course today I did a little photoshop editing on them! haha These are two of my favorites from the impromptu shoot:

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