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Just Say No to a Cup 'o Joe

"Soooo last night I had this crazy dream about a giant sea turtle and......"
"Today I need to go to the store and......"
"Wow! the Olympics this year have been amazing....."
"You know I want to go play tennis sometime soon."
"I need to vacuum this living room!"
"How were your eggs?"
"Awww I love my little Murphy and Raven!"
"You should check out my album design this far....."
"We need to buy an elliptical machine!"

I looked over at Tim as he slide my coffee cup across the table towards him. His eyes were wide open and he had a look of bewilderment on his face. I realized I had just talked for at least 15 minutes without taking a breath or giving him a chance to get a word in edge wise. Wow.

my body + coffee (caffeinated) = hyperactivity & gibberish

I rarely ever drink coffee. I may have an occasional cup on Sunday mornings when Tim is home since he drinks it like it's going out of style. By the time we were eating lunch at Atlanta Bread Company I started to crash. My hands were shaking and I had a headache. All I drank this morning was around 2/3 of a cup. From now on I'll be sticking to my usual water and let's just say it was a lesson learned!

Just for fun, here are a few unusual self-portraits I took this evening long after the coffee incident. :)


Ian & Jenna: Married

Ian & Jenna were married at Mt. Zion Baptist Church here in Columbus, GA. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and emotional. I must admit I teared up a few times! Jenna was a breathtaking bride and as sweet as could be. Ian could not take his eyes off of her from the moment they had their "first look." I was so happy Jenna and Ian opted to see each other before the ceremony allowing plenty of time for relaxed portraits of the couple alone on their wedding day.

**Brides - I highly recommend seeing your groom prior to the ceremony. You both will feel less nervous and the added benefit to your wedding day photos is worth it alone! All "formal" photos will be out of the way, allowing you to arrive at the reception at the same time as your guests!

Thanks to Lauren Wright for having me second shoot! :)

I decided to process the next photo a little differently than normal, and I love it!

The groomsmen had us laughing all day long. Check out their shades!

Jenna wanted a photo of she and Ian holding hands around the door before their first look...

I love this next sequence! Jenna sneaking up on Ian and then the emotion of seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day.

My favorite of the day!

I loved the bridesmaid's dresses and how the color of their sashes coordinated with the groomsmen's socks and boutonnieres!

I could not choose a favorite ring shot. Seriously could not. :)

Their parents surrounded them and lifted them up in prayer after the candle lighting. It was so moving to see God's love around this family.

Their reception was held at National Civil War Naval Museum also in Columbus. Jenna chose hot pink and black decor, with colorful centerpieces that had little lights in the flower vases. Everything turned out beautifully! No detail was overlooked. Even the hershey kisses had sticker photos of the couple on the bottom of them!

The first dance...

Lauren and me with Jenna and Ian. Congratulations you two!


What a Bad Blogger I Have Been...

I've been a bad blogger for the past few weeks! I've had back-to-back family and friends visiting from Virginia, vacations, and the back side work of my business keeping me tied up. It's been relaxing and exhausting all at the same time! Lately I've been working on dreaded taxes, emailing/meeting with/calling clients, organizing files, brainstorming for my re-branding, designing sample albums, reading photography books, etc. Generally everything that goes into a photography business, but isn't necessarily noticed. I have also been shooting and have lots to blog, so I'll be playing catch up with you guys over the next few days. :) Stayed tuned, because I also have so many new ideas to reveal!


In other news, how about the Olympics!? Wow...Go USA! Last night Tim and I stayed up later than normally rooting on our women's gymnastics, and men's swim team. The gymnasts had us cheering, yelling, and jumping off of the couch. A very commendable silver medal was earned, considering they were in bronze standing days prior and thought they had no shot for the gold. China did an amazing job, and we couldn't get over Bela Karolyi's comments on their age. I, myself thought a few looked younger than the required 16 years of age. Either way, they were almost flawless and deservedly won. Michael Phelps is in a league of his own. He has earned 11 gold medals thus far in his career and broken world records left and right! He now has more career olympic golds than any other person. I could not believe how fast he cut through the water, and even racing some events with less than an hour between them. He is no doubt an incredible athlete. If you have yet to watch the Olympics, go turn on your television. History is being made here people! :)


Pawsitively Famous

Just a few hours after I posted my photos from the Miranda Lambert concert, I received an email from Jessica M. who is with a small team of Miranda's fans that run a group called Pawsitively Famous. They solicit donations for the Humane Society of East Texas which is Miranda's favorite charity. She loved my shots and wanted to use them (with credit and permission) on their Myspace page and forum. I of course agreed for such an awesome charity! I have two dogs myself so I love charities that help animals. :)

Check them out by clicking on their logo below:

And don't forget their Pawsitively Famous Myspace!


Fort Benning Concert

Fort Benning MWR (Morale, Welfare, and Recreation) hosted a soldier and family appreciation day this past weekend with free food, games, giveaways, and concerts. When Tim told me the line-up I had to go! Miranda Lambert, who is one of my favorite country singers, was the headliner. I last saw her in concert in July 2006 at the Grey, Tennessee fair. I thought she was an awesome performer then, but she's so much better now! She put on an amazing show, even throwing her pink guitar (with someone off-stage catching it of course!) and then slung her microphone stand across the stage. Eve 6 and Kimberley Locke
(American Idol Season 2 finalist) also performed. Eve 6 really knew how to pump up the crowd and Kimberly had an amazing voice!

Eve 6

Kimberley Locke

Miranda Lambert

This is Megan and me with a cowboy on stilts. I went up to him and poked him in the leg to ask him to take a photo with us. He called me out on it saying "Did you just poke me in the leg??" It was really funny hence the big smiles on our faces and the guy in the background laughing! Tim took this one by the way.

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