Thank Heaven for Little Girls

I love this kid. She has changed me so much since she came into this world three short years ago. When I'm around her I see good in the world. I see God's love. Even through her "terrible twos" she is still the most loving child. I want her to grow up to be happy, healthy, and never suffer a broken heart. I want her to be successful and fulfill her dreams. I want to protect her so that she only knows the good in this world. Isn't she beautiful? Happy Birthday (yesterday) Adryana!

Even if it's a little blurry, it's still one of my favorites!

**I made it back safely from my 7 hour trip home. 14 total hours alone in the car....sheesh! I won't be doing that again for a while thats for sure! I had a great time catching up with family and friends and visiting my hometown. I'll be back to posting more pictures very soon!


Six Flags over Georgia

Yesterday since Chris and Joyce came to visit us we all decided to take a trip up to Six Flags. I've never been to this theme park, so I was excited! I loooove rollercoasters! Tim and I had never rode one together in the almost 6 years we've known each other and he loves them too. Crazy huh? We all felt like big kids for the day. :) I tried to video one of the rollercoaster rides that didn't go upside down, but I must have pushed the button and stopped it while I was screaming for my life....haha Oh well! Pictures will do. :)

I circled me and Tim on the Acrophobia ride. It takes up up and then drops you 65mph in 3 seconds. Ummmm yeah.... :)

This one was fun too!

I've got a few weddings to blog and will have some pictures from my trip home next week for my niece's birthday. I may be a little slow on the blogging while I'm visiting Virginia, but I'll be back at it again after that I promise! :)


Meet Hannah!

She's finally here! Hannah was born yesterday evening and weighed in at 7lb 5oz. Kara called me to let me know she was having contractions that morning. Once they admitted her I picked Joseph up from daycare and was on babysitting duty until Mom and baby were settled in. Joseph wasn't quite sure what to think. He didn't understand where his mommy's belly went and just what in world little Hannah was. It was adorable to watch!

Isn't she just beautiful?!? I can't wait to photograph her! Congratulations Kara and Brandon on your little bundle of joy. :)

These were all taken with my point & shoot so please excuse any graininess. Gracias! :)


Just for Fun

This is Jessica and me at a wedding we shot last weekend in Tuscaloosa. Can you tell that we had a lot of fun? :) Don't worry, I have photos of us working too!

Thanks to Haley (Jessica's assistant) for taking these!


Happy Father's Day!

Dad you are awesome! I don't know what I would ever do without you. Thank you for always being there for me no matter what. I love you so very much! Happy Father's Day :)

P.S. We're long overdue for a good picture together. This is all I could dig up with us both looking at the camera, so be prepared for the "paparazzi" on my next trip home!


Megan & Daniel: Married

Megan and Daniel were married last Saturday at the Thompson House and Gardens in Bogart, Georgia. It was a beautifully hot day and the wedding turned out gorgeous! These two have known each other since middle school and it was obvious how deeply in love they are. This was my first outdoor ceremony and I absolutely loved it. Thanks again to Ryan from LightScape Photography for having me second shoot!

I almost started crying when I saw Megan's maid of honor Ashley crying...

...and then Daniel too!

This is one of my favorite ceremony pictures EVER! The way he's looking at her is so sweet.

Austin was a memorable ring bearer.

I love this sequence for their kiss!

The Boggle note is what Megan sent to Daniel in thanks for the earrings he gave her...along with some details.

Megan and Daniel had everyone laughing with this dance!

This is by far the funniest garter/bouquet toss I've ever seen. The DJ made the ones who caught them put the garter back on. Look how nervous they look!

Congratulations Megan & Daniel! Can everyone tell I had a hard time narrowing down these images? :)

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