Just for fun!

Jessica and I snapped a few of us at a wedding that we shot yesterday in Pell City, AL. The last one is out of focus but it works! :)


Leah - Bridals

Leah has been married for a few months, but could not resist slipping into her wedding dress again for a few more bridal shots. She had actually already had her dress cleaned, pressed, and put away in a box! I'm so glad she ripped it open to join us in Savannah.

I love, love, love her hair down.....now if only I could figure out how to make mine curl like that! :)

Rhonda - Bridals

Rhonda is getting married this summer and decided to join in on the fun to have her bridals taken by multiple photographers at once. She was willing to do what ever we asked her to without complaint! Even though she's not married yet, she laid down on benches and walked through dirt all for the sake of some awesome photos - that's my kind of girl!

This is one of my favorite images I captured of Rhonda.

Georgia - Bridals

Georgia was shy and reserved when all the photographers and brides met for lunch at Jalapeno's in Savannah last Thursday. However, little did I know she was a complete natural and so much fun in front of the camera! I immediately loved her because she too is a military wife, well soon-to-be anyways! Her husband will be returning from Iraq soon and I boy do I know what those emotions are like. I wanted to take some images that she knew he would love.

All photos were taken at Wormsloe Historic Site, Isle of Hope Bluff, Skidaway Island State Park, River Street, Forsyth Park, and in downtown Savannah. If you've never been to Savannah, I highly recommend that you go. It is a beyond beautiful city.

Here are a few of my favorites of the spunky Georgia:


Savannah Photographers Working It!

While in Savannah I met some awesome photographers and I'm so glad to now call them my friends! We weren't able to get any group shots the first day, but we managed to on the second. Here's everyone!

These group shots were taken by Leah's Mom. In order from top left to right:

Jarrod and his wife Jennifer below him, Jason Tench, Ava Barnes, the brides Rhonda and Leah, Lauren Wright, Jennifer, Me, and Amanda Kidd. Carrie and Phil Viohl were with us the day before. Carrie put the trip together and all three girls are her brides :) Ava then planned all the shooting locations which were perfect! I had an amazing time and I can't wait to see you all again!

I thought this was too funny. The girls said we looked like paparazzi and when I stepped around to take this shot, I saw from their point of view!

And a few of me in action taken by the lovely Amanda.


Savannah, GA

I had an absolute blast in Savannah meeting other photographers and taking bridal portraits. It's great being around people who love to do what I do, and don't get bored talking about all things photography. I also scheduled a portrait session this afternoon in Savannah and had fun with that too. Pictures will be up very soon, but for now here are two that I stole from Lauren! :)

Me with the roomies - Lauren Wright and Amanda Kidd!

And one of me getting a shot :) I'm standing weird! haha


Savannah, GA Bridal Shoot

I'm SO excited to be heading to Savannah tomorrow. A group of us photographers from OSP are getting together to take some awesome photos and network while we're at it. We have a few girls who are going to model in wedding gowns for us throughout the historic city of Savannah. I will be able to post the pictures as soon as I return and have them edited. Please pray for safe travels for me and everyone else going. I will return to answer all emails on Friday evening. It's about a 4 hour trip there, so call me and keep me awake if you want! :)



I second shot my first WEDDING this past weekend! I had such a blast with Jessica Messer in Birmingham and I can't wait for the next wedding on March 29th. I cannot post any pictures until Jessica does, so you'll have to wait. :) I must say that I'm loving wedding photography. I'm a pretty romantic person myself, and I love capturing others in love. I love all the details, the looks the new bride and groom give each other, the nervousness and excitement that I remember feeling on my wedding day, all of it! :)

Just for fun, here's a random picture I like:


My new business cards!!!

My new business cards came in the mail yesterday and I could not be more satisfied with them! I designed them myself and had my professional lab print them. They shine because they have a pearl uv coating overlay. The lab also sent me a tootsie roll sucker in my package! How sweet! (no pun intended) :)

What do you think?


A few from Aaron and Megan's visit

We didn't have a lot of time to do a formal photoshoot, so all of these were taken when we stopped to get some barbeque for lunch. If any of you have been to the south, you know that there are bbq joints everywhere! We stopped at Hwy 165 BBQ and it was delicious. :)

I could not decide between the two ways I edited this photo. Which do you like best....


Or normal?

This is probably one of my all-time favorite pictures I've ever taken! Some good genes in my family huh? :)

Here's where I cropped it from. I like this one too!

I couldn't resist this old worn down piano that was on the front porch.


Bridal Session - Birmingham, AL

I had such a fun time second shooting a bridal session for Jessica Messer this past Friday in Birmingham! We met for lunch beforehand where I met her friend (who is also a wedding photographer!) Alisa Lynn. Alisa came along to help with the shoot and I'm so glad I was able to get to know her too. The shoot took place at Flower Stems which has a 5,000 sq ft loft where we did most of the session. After we were done there we headed down into the alley and took some pictures on Jessica and Alisa's gorgeous red vintage sofa that they use in their office space. It's all that I can show you because the wedding isn't until April 5th....so this will have to do for now! :)

Me and Jessica taken by Alisa

Jessica and Alisa

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