Columbus Air Show

Just for fun, here's a picture that I took at the Columbus Air Show a few weeks ago. Tim and I had so much fun, but we both got a sun burn in the process. Ouch! So not cool --- I've been keeping sunscreen on every time I've gone out since then. I forgot how hot that it gets down here in Georgia! ;)

**I'll be out of the office until Monday and will return all emails/calls then. Have a great weekend!**


I cannot wait...

...for the Grey's Anatomy season premiere tonight! I absolutely love this show. It's one of those t.v. dramas that has kept me hanging on ever since the first episode. I will admit that I lost track of it when Tim was deployed because (and I know he's not very big on admitting this!) it was our thing to do before he left. I just couldn't watch it without him. I'm all lovey-dovey weird like that and I know a lot of my girlfriends are the same way so it's okay. haha Needless to say I had to catch back up to speed with Grey's last fall. I'm excited to see what story lines they come up with this season, seriously! :)


Jennifer & Zachary: Married

Jennifer and Zach were married a few weeks ago with a beautiful ceremony at Flower Stems in Birmingham. Flower Stems also provided the gorgeous floral arrangments and amazing decor. Jennifer was a dream bride to work with and we all had so much fun! Her personality shines through in every image. She and Zach were incredibly sweet and I almost started crying myself during their first look.

I love the way that her father is looking at her in this frame.

Jennifer was such a beautiful bride!

The first look before the ceremony.

My absolute favorite of the day. Can you believe that natural light? Mmmm!

The ceremony

A few details...

Toasting the newlyweds.

The cake cutting started out sweet and innocent, but in the end we were all laughing!

And then they all danced the night away...

Thanks to Jessica Messer for letting me second shoot with her on this wedding!


Remember Virginia Tech

Today marks the first anniversary of the day that took 32 innocent lives and forever changed Virginia Tech. I graduated from VT in 2005 and my brother is currently a student there. I still remember finding out from the news what was happening as it unfolded and frantically calling my brother to make sure he was okay. Thank God he was and that no one we personally knew was injured. However, my heart still aches for those who lost their loved ones that morning.

Virginia Tech was an amazing college to attend and I have so many memories from my 4 years there. I never felt unsafe on campus and still do not even to this day. What an amazing community we have that extends across campus and to each and every alumni across the world. We Are Virginia Tech and those lives lost on 4.16.07 will never be forgotten.

Megan (my brothers girlfriend), my brother Aaron, and I signing the memorials on 4.20.07.

Individuals memorials that have since been replaced with Hokie Stone memorials, Burruss Hall (with Norris Hall - where the second shootings occurred - to the right), and tents over memorials to be signed.

We Are Virginia Tech ~ 4.16.07

My friend Lauren posted this video on her blog and I had to do the same once I saw it. She was able to visit VT yesterday and capture some amazing pictures. She also wrote about her take on 4.16.07 and her words are just beautiful. Be sure to check out her blog as well: Lauren M. Via Photography


Miss Adryana

I L.O.V.E. this kid.

She is the sweetest, most adorable little girl in the entire world and she's my niece! I was going through some pictures today from my last visit home to Wise, Virginia in February. Oh - how I have missed this little face.

As many of you know, when Tim deployed to Iraq from June '06-September '07, I moved back home to be near family and friends. We were stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington at the time and being alone that far away from family for that long...well it just wasn't happening! My stepmom babysits Adryana a few days a week, so I got to spend so much time with her. I can't believe how much she's changed since Tim came home and I moved back away from her. It's so weird to me! While I love to see her grow and learn, I wish that I could have frozen time to when she was between 18-24 months old and kept her that way forever. :) She'll be turning 3 this June and I'm constantly told about how she needs a "little cousin" to play with. Haha! We'll have to see about that...she may be waiting a few more years. :)

Isn't she just adorable?!


Claire: Bridal

A little over a month ago Jessica invited me to shoot a bridal session with her. I was thrilled to say the least, and drove all the way to Birmingham for it. It was my first time working with her, and the location and bride could not have been more beautiful! We can now post these because her wedding was this past weekend. It was one of the most beautiful weddings I have attended and I cannot wait to show you all those images too!

Jessica has posted on her blog as well so be sure to check out her images from the day!


Happy Birthday Murphy & Raven!...?

I live with two wild wildebeests who just happen to be celebrating their 3rd birthday today! You're probably wondering what the question mark is for in the title huh? My husband Tim and I got Murphy and Raven both in June 2005 while we were living Tacoma, WA. Murphy is a purebred scottish-terrier and he came with papers noting his birthdate. Raven however is a lab/golden retriever mix and she didn't have any papers. We were told that she was around 8 weeks old (same age as Murphy) when we took her home, so we celebrate their birthdays together! :)

I don't know what we would do without these little lovebugs. They drive us utterly insane one minute and melt our hearts the next. They're inseparable from each other and have been that way since we brought them home. It's funny that I originally wanted a small dog and my husband wanted a big one. Once we got to know their personalities, we pretty much switched. Raven is a true dog and she constantly wants attention. Murphy however is like a cat and does his own thing. We wouldn't have them any other way! Happy Birthday my little lovebugs!

(Raven looks so small in the picture below. She's really not that tiny (~65 lbs). It's just the angle I shot her at!)

Treats are the trick to getting them to look somewhat at the camera.

We're celebrating with cupcakes and a movie tonight. Don't worry the dogs are not getting any of this chocolate! They're getting special dog treats and some extra play time! :)


Laura: Portrait

I photographed Laura in Savannah a few weeks ago - actually right after I was done with my last bridal shoot there! Laura is a student at theVirginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in Blacksburg, VA. It's actually on the campus of Virginia Tech, where I graduated from undergrad. I instantly knew we'd get along knowing that she was a Hokie too! So what was she doing in Savannah? Laura is also an amateur figure competitor and was in town for the Iron Eagle Natural Bodybuilding & Figure Classic (Pro-Qualifier). She's intelligent and beautiful - sorry guys, she's also taken! Laura thanks for scheduling with me and for being so sweet. I had so much fun with your session!

This is Laura's boyfriend and friends holding up a sheet "tube" that they made for her to change in since we were in the middle of Forsyth Park. We got a few funny looks, but hey it worked! Kudos to them on their creative thinking! :)

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