Just Say No to a Cup 'o Joe

"Soooo last night I had this crazy dream about a giant sea turtle and......"
"Today I need to go to the store and......"
"Wow! the Olympics this year have been amazing....."
"You know I want to go play tennis sometime soon."
"I need to vacuum this living room!"
"How were your eggs?"
"Awww I love my little Murphy and Raven!"
"You should check out my album design this far....."
"We need to buy an elliptical machine!"

I looked over at Tim as he slide my coffee cup across the table towards him. His eyes were wide open and he had a look of bewilderment on his face. I realized I had just talked for at least 15 minutes without taking a breath or giving him a chance to get a word in edge wise. Wow.

my body + coffee (caffeinated) = hyperactivity & gibberish

I rarely ever drink coffee. I may have an occasional cup on Sunday mornings when Tim is home since he drinks it like it's going out of style. By the time we were eating lunch at Atlanta Bread Company I started to crash. My hands were shaking and I had a headache. All I drank this morning was around 2/3 of a cup. From now on I'll be sticking to my usual water and let's just say it was a lesson learned!

Just for fun, here are a few unusual self-portraits I took this evening long after the coffee incident. :)


Anonymous said...

To have been a fly on the wall... hahahaha
the self-portraits are really good :) I really like the one in the middle..it's like saying "I've got my eye on you!"
keep it up :)

Mike said...

That wasn't caffeine...women just like to talk!


Miss you guys!

john pyle said...

i drink half and half :)

Val McCormick Photography said...

LOL, I think you just described me. What does alcohol do to you?, lol. The self portraits are really cute :-)

Lisette Price Photography said...

Joyce - Haha you would have been laughing or trying to stop the chattering one! Thanks for commenting!

Mike - You do have a very valid point there! We miss you guys too!

John - Hmm maybe I should do that? lol

Val - That's a whole other blog post! haha And thanks!

Cheyenne Schultz said...

Love these shots of you! Just beautiful!

lauren via said...

I agree... you and coffee are probably a crazy combo!!! haha!

ps... You are sooo beautiful! I love your self-portraits!

Jamie Burnett said...

Coffee??? That's me EVERY day! One diet coke addict here!

I love your self portraits, you are sooo gorgeous!


the self portraits are well worth the coffee incident. :)

ohana photographers-david and kimi said...

the portraits are awesome! love the 2nd one!

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