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Today while I was getting ready in my bathroom I noticed this beautiful blue light coming through the glass window behind me. I immediately grabbed my camera and took a few shots. This led to me getting a little creative and taking lots of pictures around my house today. Here's what I came up with (all shot in manual mode):

Caught some smoke rising

This is looking down into a wine glass sitting on a wood table

Same glass from the side (notice my hand reflection?)

I decided to add some water and throw in a goldfish cracker. I told you I was getting crazy creative!

My first ever lens flair shot. How neat is this? Now I need to figure out how to do it without a glass reflection.

Really bright kitchen (light coming through window), aperture wide open (4.0), and shutter speed super fast. Result: lit subject with dark surroundings. I figured this out just by playing around with the settings.

And no photo-op is complete without at least one of the critters. Here's Murphy checking out what's going on out the window.

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lauren via said...

I love the third one... of the wine glass! I would totally hang that on the wall as a piece of art. Maybe I'll buy it from you as art someday.
ps... I tried going around the house taking pictures one day a while back... but it didn't turn out so cool... all I could find were some babyfood jars, diapers, a baby gate, spilled toys, peanut butter, and a snowman candy dish!!! haha!
keep up the good work!

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